Zodiac signs who are Most likely to cheat on you

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#1. Gemini

They might be with you one day before moving on to another partner they feel has a better connection with them. Hence, if you are around a Gemini, be confident of your relationship and their affection for you.

#2. Taurus

When they are unsure of their own feelings for you, Tauruses are also more inclined to cheat on someone.

#2. Taurus

Their emotions fluctuate quickly, and it is well recognised that they are unable to commit to anything or anyone for an extended period of time.

#3. Virgos

Virgos are most likely to cheat on you, just like Gemini and Taurus. They don't think in long-term relationships and are constantly looking at other choices.

#3. Virgos

They won't think twice before committing to them if they have met someone better. Although they might never cheat if they are sincerely and deeply in love, this is an uncommon event.

#4. Scorpio

The biggest heartbreakers are Scorpios. They will most likely cheat on you and may continue to consider you as a potential partner. It is recommended that you maintain an alert eye out for any indication of betrayal when around a Scorpio.

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