Zodiac Sign's Vital Vacation


Go-getter Aries, your dream vacation: being with your besties in a place where adventure is feasible! Road journey to Colorado's Rocky Mountains or hike the Amazon rain jungle.   


Like routine. Still travel. Go home! Local sights first. Rent a B&B near your "destination"—a vineyard for wine tasting, the town center for antique shopping, or the beach for sunbathing. 


Gemini, Europe is great for your boundless enthusiasm! You'll easily travel around Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, etc., meeting new people and experiencing different cultures.



Projects Abroad sends approximately 10,000 individuals abroad to work with over 450 regional projects. Look at Habitat for Humanity's inspiring domestic projects.


Leo, you're self-assured. So go to Paris's chic streets. Under the Eiffel Tower, have a croissant or macaroon and be the focus of attention. 


Intelligent Virgo, you want to know everything. You like solving mysteries, so a Mystery Cruise Ship would be fun. The gist: Your shipmates are suspected of murder. Find the killer. 


Libra, you make friends everywhere. Fly to Forbes' nicest nation, New Zealand. Enjoy the clear rivers, lush forests, and stunning mountains. Meet locals as you hop islands.


We know how independent and alone you are. You're curious. For your next trip, fly to Amsterdam, a historic city great for biking alone. No uncomfortable public transit talks with strangers.


Sagittarius, your wanderlust drives you everywhere. Instead of walking, take a spontaneous road trip with your automobile. Bring your BFFs—the more, the merrier .


 Visit museums like the Smithsonian  and the Newseum.  Schedule a White House tour and you could see the president on his way to the kitchen for a snack.


South America has history, culture, and marine life. Explore the jungle's Mayan ruins and then swim with fish in the barrier reef's clear waters.


Take your most courageous pals and fly to Stockholm, Sweden. Stockholm's cafés and Gamla stan's cobblestone streets will make you feel protected in one of the world's safest cities. 

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