Zodiac Signs' Bad Moods


Aries is self-centered, impetuous, demanding, and rash when they're upset. Asking a grumpy Aries to manage a money or personal issue could be disastrous.


Tauruses' bad moods just intensify their personalities. They become rigid, indolent, and lazy. Let them indulge in their bad mood. You couldn't halt them anyway.


If you want common sense or good advise from a Gemini, wait until they're not antsy, distracted, and critical. Instead of advice, your Gemini buddy will criticize you.



Cancers hide and recluse when upset. When their barriers are down, they're vulnerable. You mistake a word and they fall emotionally.


If a Leo is upset, they'll take any focus and turn into a drama queen. They become haughtier and play "Go away, come closer" until you want to shriek. 


When unhappy, Virgos can exhort and tell you what's wrong. Despite your flaws, they'll only feel sorry for themselves.


Libra can control you when they're upset. Manipulating makes them feel in charge.


Scorpio, like Taurus, amplifies their greater traits when they're upset. Scorpios become obsessive, demanding, furtive, and envious. Avoid Scorpios in that state—they're terrifying.


Sagittarius aren't rude when they're mad. They're contentious, irresponsible, and flaky. Thus, don't plan your trip together. Let them recover.


When a Capricorn is frustrated, they act cool even on the warmest summer day. Pessimistic and unforgiving, they dwell on the bad.


Aquarians love people and will aid them. When angry, no. Aquarius becomes distant, guarded, illogical, and self-destructive in bad times. For both of you, change their mood.


When Pisces is upset, they turn their artistic and inspired energy inward. Bad-mood Pisces are clingy, needy, whiny, self-destructive, and self-pitying. Pisces in a bad mood are scary.

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