Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Spy on Their Partners


Only 11% of Aquarians, the sign that places the greatest faith in its partners, admitted to spying on their partner's phone. Aquarians are likely unable to spy on their relationships since they are too busy advancing society.


In this study, a respectable 15% of Virgos admitted to spying on their relationships. In a relationship, Virgos prefer to be as forthcoming and truthful as possible.


19% of Sagittarians acknowledged to browsing their partners' phones, and they probably aren't embarrassed about it.


19% of Libras admitted that they didn't always have faith in their partners. Spying may not be a good habit, but Libras wouldn't do it if they didn't have to.


The goal of this air sign is to establish consistent, sincere relationships with other people. And while looking for a spouse, they have no qualms about pursuing their goals.


In the meantime, 23% of Capricorns admitted to Psychic World that they had accessed their partners' electronic gadgets. Hence, even if they are spying on their spouses, they can have done it with good motives.


The percentage of Taureans who admitted to spying on their partners was 31%. Taureans tend to concentrate on "life's simplest pleasures," in addition to loving their downtime.


This sign falls exactly in the middle, with 42% of Aries admitting they have pryed into the affairs of others close to them. Aries' strong presence conveys their sincere concern for their loved ones.


According to this study, 62% of Scorpios admitted to spying on their partners. They are still very enthusiastic and have excellent instincts.


Compared to Scorpios, Geminis in this survey are a little more inquisitive, with 66 percent admitting to looking through their partners' phones. They probably don't care if they are caught spying.


In their partnerships, 69 percent of Pisces admitted to spying on their partners. Nonetheless, after being discovered, they undoubtedly took note of their mistake.


According to Psychic World, 71% of Cancers checked their partners' phones and computers. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise because people born under the water sign prefer to pay close attention to those they love.


Leos in the research admitted to being up in their partners' business 75% of the time, making them the sign that spies on their relationships the most.


This fire sign is a born leader, therefore if necessary, they won't think twice about taking command in their interpersonal relationships.


Leos look for a companion who can complement their personality and suit their demands because they are fiercely independent and have a charming energy.

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