Zodiac Sign Explains Singlehood


The self-assuredness that initially attracted an Aries becomes irritating. If a partnership is to last, an Aries must temper their ego and "me first" approach when compromising. 


Don't think your spouse will stay loyal if you neglect your looks or romance. After repeated fights, stubborn Taurus partners hold scars and anger.


Cheating may be a Gemini trait. If a Gemini constantly changes personalities, their spouse may run away. 



Cancers may talk about marriage and kids too soon. Cancer spouses are clingy, making their partners feel trapped and want to pull away instead of falling in love.


Leos fight with their partners because they care. But a puzzled love partner may think the Leo is always picking fights, which can get tiring. 


Since Virgos are shy, that gorgeous creature you wish would ask you out may not even think you are intrigued. Virgos also give up too easily and never call back if anything goes awry. 


Libras who date "broken" people can ruin their love lives. Libras may unconsciously seek out bad people and become manipulative or deceitful. 


Scorpios can nag in relationships, ending them. Scorpios can be too fussy and turn down dates. Controlling Scorpios can drive their partners away. 


You may be Sagittarius. You deserve the best, so don't accept. But rejecting others is unattractive. 


Capricorns are cold and jealous until they trust you. Unfortunately, that requires patience and tenacity. Before appealing to Capricorn ideals, a lover can become irritated and bored.


Aquariuses are outspoken and unique! This is cute at first, but Aquarius's inability to let go of disputes destroys relationships.


Still missing an ex? If so, you may be a Pisces, whose selflessness can cause anger and keep a bad relationship going. Pisces can keep picking cheaters, returning to solo life.

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