Zodiac-inspired hairstyles are here

Aquarius women may be quiet, yet they are inventive. Their aesthetic is understated sexiness. 


Pisces are gregarious butterflies and artistic perfectionists. A sleek, easy-going cut suits your balance of family and friends.


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Aries, the first Zodiac sign, are bold and ahead of the curve. They need a quick-pull cut because they're continually moving. Aries is big.


Taurus women are tough and loyal. They adore beauty and goodness. Taurus women are risk-takers at work yet hesitant about change.


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Fun awaits Geminis. They like to travel, whether with friends or alone. They want something versatile, so a playful, face-framing mid-length cut is great.


Cancers are loyal friends, intuitive, and emotional, yet they stick to the tried-and-true.


Leos lead like lions. Creative, confident, and irresistible. They can do anything, whether at job or with family and friends.


One of the most cautious zodiac signs, Virgos pay attention to every detail. Their systematic lifestyle leaves nothing to chance.


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