Zodiac-Based Love Behavior


When intrigued in someone, Aries isn't bashful. They're so confident they usually make the first move, and if it's not mutual, they'll go on. If an Aries isn't interested, you'll know.


Tauruses flirt shyly with their crushes. They taunt and joke, but their eye contact is sporadic—they stare at their crush and then turn away. Taureans love to embrace. 


Geminis are pleasant and humorous with everyone, making it hard to tell if they like you. Since they're so funny, there'll probably be some banter and inside jokes. 


Cancers are kind but won't start unless their crush starts. Cancers complement. Good news—they think you're lovely. 



Leos' crushes are like rainy-day sunshine. Leos may seem cool when chatting to their crush, but it's clear they're delighted to talk to and gaze at you. They'll be overjoyed even if they touch you.


They'll design the next conversation after reviewing each phrase and nuance. If you liEven if it's a text or email, Virgos will overanalyze the discussion. "Why did he say 'hey'?" 


Libras flirt most. Charming, slick-talking, and almost too smooth. They'll surprise their crush with a distinctive initial move. Libra is deft.


Scorpios become obsessed with their crushes and want to know everything about them. Scorpios are good-naturedly obsessed. They make their crush feel amazing.


Sagittarius crushes. They'll confess their crush by laughing and joking. After years, the Sagittarius will initiate, but their crush will know.


Capricorns become uncomfortable, giggly, and flustered when chatting to their crush, which is unlike them. It's amusing to watch a Capricorn lose their calm while crushing.


Aquariuses play the long game by making friends with their crush, joining their social circle, and spending so much time with them that a meaningful connection will gradually arise. 


Pisces will imagine chatting and being with their crush so much that they'll be bewildered when they really talk to them. Reality and fancy will blend soon, allowing Pisces to act.

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