Your Zodiac Sign's Stress Response


Enthusiastic Aries. They throw themselves into work. They might be short-tempered, so utilizing all that energy for some chores gets them upset at not getting things done. 


Taurus demand their way. They're stubborn and obsess over details. If they fail to complete a task, they feel frustrated and replay it in their heads. 


Active but restless Geminis respond quickly to little annoyances. They're restless, so not doing anything worries them out. This can exhaust them. Gemini requires yoga or art to relax.


Cancers are devoted yet self-pitying. Cancers don't show it, but they're stressed out by criticism, yelling, or being ignored. 



Ambitious and loyal Pretentious and melodramatic, Leo. When things go wrong, they panic because they're used to leading. Leos should accept this and let it go. 


Virgos are the most analytical and suspicious signs. Like Taurus, they worry about things they can't repair. Analyzing the good is the best approach.


Libras' idealism and fairness may be taxing. When they witness injustice, they might stew or lash out, which stresses them out further. Libras should take a deep breath, relax.


Scorpios hide their emotions. They prefer seclusion to work aggressively. Thus, most social settings stress them. Scorpios should express their needs and sentiments.


Sagittarius are the most free-spirited sign. Staying put drives them crazy. They go mad in situations that need a precise response. Sagittarius may manage everyday stress by being adventurous.


Capricorns are ambitious like Leos. They realize their value and ability, but they set impossible demands for themselves. Not reaching these requirements strains them. 


Aquarians are bright and rebellious. They don't enjoy being ordered around. They're agitated by how much they want to achieve in so little time. 


Pisces is self-pitying. They're stressed when others judge them. Judging scares them since they're sensitive. Pisces may reduce stress by relaxing and adopting a "This too shall pass" attitude.

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