Your Zodiac Sign's Ideal Partner


You need an equal. You'll marry an adventurous, competitive man. He'll be an athletic, competitive person who can handle any task. He can't sit still.


The man you'll marry is down-to-earth, strong-willed, sensuous, and loves life's joys. He'll be authoritative but not abusive, making you feel protected and supported.


You prefer someone who's smart, funny, and a good talker. He keeps you guessing and makes life interesting. When you're elderly, you'll still find him sexy because of his intelligence.


You prefer kind, fatherly males. He gives you emotional and financial security, not because he's older or your father. He'll look like your kids' father. 



 Mr. Leo will be generous, affectionate, and thoroughly understand and respect what makes you special. You'll govern together.


You need someone who respects your boundaries yet adds creativity and comedy to your analytical environment. He'll be smart, courteous, tidy, and able to diffuse stressful situations.


Libras marry Libras. Where will they find someone with their social skills? Your husband will be extroverted, well-spoken, and enjoyable. He's also handsome. 


Scorpios like secretive, intense, and dangerous people. (not unlike themselves). It's no surprise you'll marry a strong-willed, possessive, and obsessive man.


Sagittarius require a companion to travel and talk philosophy with. Your husband will be honest, spiritual, and funny. They'll be your best friend, teacher, and advisor.


You'll marry a goal-oriented, successful man if you can envision a future with them.You'll marry a successful man. You and your husband are willing to work at marriage.


He will be intriguing, unorthodox, and surprising. He's a renegade with controversial opinions. You don't want a bore anyhow. He will stimulate you mentally, emotionally, and sexually. 


. You're a hopeless romantic and wouldn't mind being saved from time to time, but you'll marry a man who can be both the saver and the saved .

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