Your Zodiac Sign's Greek God or Goddess

Zodiac signs influence how people love, live, and act. Greek mythology inspired each zodiac sign.

You lose time quickly. We're flawed and transient. Aphrodite—the mother of love—represents these realities.

 Libra: Aphrodite

You value hard workers with skill. They're just like you—hardworking and ambitious.

Capricorn: Apollo

You are an exceptional friend who places friendship above anything else. You have an excellent memory and recall all of your friends' birthdays.

Taurus: Hestia

As the son of the Goddess of Beauty, you have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and an appreciation for beauty.

 Gemini: Eris

Aquarius: Poseidon

You are one of the three strongest gods in Greek mythology and one of the major gods. You are asked for much more than you are willing to provide.

SCORPIO: Demeter

You like being an individualist, but you are also drawn to strong individuals.


The fact that he is the second most powerful god in Greek mythology is very cool.

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