Which Pet Fits Your Zodiac Sign?

Aries - Ferret

Ferrets would be Aries. Like Aries, ferrets are daring, ambitious, and happy. They run, tumble, and slide around, easily bored.

Taurus - Tortoise

Tortoises would be Taurus. Taurus, like a tortoise, is obstinate and moves slowly. They're easy to care for, peaceful, and kind.

Gemini - Parrot

Parrots would be Geminis. Parrots are like Gemini—playful and smart. Their intelligence and curiosity are astounding. 

Cancer - Miniature Pig

Miniature pigs are Cancers. Pigs love family like Cancer. Cancer's emotions most resemble pigs'.

Leo - Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs would be Leos. Guinea pigs are lively, gregarious, and expressive like Leo. Guinea pigs require attention and love.


Virgo - Dog

Dogs are Virgos. Like Virgo, dogs are compassionate and helpful. They love routines and are terrific companions. 

Scorpio - Lizard

Scorpio is the lizard sign. Scorpios and lizards are introverts. They're wary, distrustful, timid, and motionless when assessing a scenario.

Sagittarius - Chicken

Chickens are Sagittarians. Chickens, like Sagittariuses, are boisterous, gregarious, and rarely boring. Chickens may cause a ruckus.

Capricorn - Rabbit

Rabbits are Capricorns. Rabbits, like Capricorn, quietly observe their surroundings to learn more. They're shy and worried.

Aquarius - Hedgehog

Hedgehogs would be Aquarian. Hedgehogs are cute yet strange with brush-like spikes. Like Aquarius, they don't need attention or cuddles.

Pisces - Fish

Pisces would be the fish zodiac sign. Fish, like Pisces, follow their instincts. Their floating utopia gives them freedom.

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