What His Zodiac Sign Loves About You

An Aries man loves your bold personality.

Confident, brave women can do anything. Aries enjoys that, especially when he wants to compete.

A Taurus man loves your down-to-earth personality.Photo: iStock

Taurus loves it that you don't need to go on fancy, expensive dates all the time, and that you're perfectly happy staying home,

A Gemini man loves your friendly personality.

Gemini loves your ability to make friends and talk to anybody. He admires your social skills.

A Cancer man loves your compassionate personality.

Cancer can't believe how readily he talks to you. You comprehend and express your opinions, making discussion easy.


A Leo man loves your happy personality.

When you smile, Leo falls in love again. He's thrilled because you constantly embrace and grin while you're together.

A Virgo man loves your unpredictable personality.

Virgo likes it when you like or do something he wouldn't anticipate. Your enigma intrigues him. He also enjoys delicious surprises.

A Libra man loves your open-minded personality.

Libra appreciates your nonjudgmental nature. He trusts you to discuss anything without confrontation.

A Scorpio man loves your honest personality.

Your Scorpio man loves your honesty.


Your humor captivates Sagittarius men.

A Capricorn man loves your ambitious personality.

Capricorn admires your drive, ambition, and self-ownership. You're goal-oriented—what? You want to retire at 50 and be successful at 35.

An Aquarius man loves your self-confident personality.

Aquarius feels confident in the partnership because you both have many opposite-sex pals and don't worry about his straying.

A Pisces man loves your artistic personality.

 He likes how you both can get immersed in your own creative endeavors and come together and be happy about it. He appreciates your passion for art.

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