unexpected price cuts at Tesla

After months of slowly raising prices, Tesla seems to be changing direction with some huge price cuts.

On the other hand, the British mail service Royal Mail is still dealing with a cyber incident that seems to be a ransomware attack.

The carrier says it can't send packages overseas right now, so customers should hold on to their packages for now.

Nvidia has added a cool new feature to its graphics cards that makes it look like you're looking into the camera when you're actually looking somewhere else.

We found it to be beta software with a few bugs, but for the low, low price of "free" (well, technically, "included with the price of an Nvidia GPU"), it's worth a try.

It comes after CEO Elon Musk said that if there was a chance of a recession and interest rates went up, the company might have to cut prices to keep growing, even if it meant making less money.

Last year was the worst year for Tesla stock since the company started. This was because growth in China slowed down and Musk was busy with Twitter.

People who couldn't afford an EV car before may now be able to afford one because of the discounts. U.S.

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