There is a "white lotus" personality type associated with each of the Zodiac signs.

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If the second season of White Lotus didn't have you booking a flight to Sicily on the spot.

You either have iron willpower or haven't seen the third and final season of the HBO Max series.

Aries: You’re Lucia

It's no wonder that someone as goal-oriented as Lucia exudes strong Aries vibes. All season long, she looked out for number one, and when she plays a game, she plays to win.






Taurus: You’re Quentin

Despite his lack of dishonesty and shadiness, Quentin is that boujie uncle that everyone wishes they had. I wish we had learned more about his relationship.

Gemini: You’re Jack

There are several instances in which Jack's personality mimics that of a Gemini. He's not only entertaining and chatty, but he nearly did a good job playing the part of Quentin's fictitious nephew.

Cancer: You’re Albie

Albie, you're too cute. Seeing the most family-focused character from Season 2 be portrayed by Lucia was tough, but the Di Grasso men deserved it.

Leo: You’re Cameron

Cameron is a Leo, which is *obviously* the case given his leopard-print outfit. He was the most certain of Daphne, Ethan, and Harper, but also the most charming.

Virgo: You’re Ethan

In spite of his jealous tendencies at the conclusion of the series, Ethan was the most literate of the gang. He was well recognised as an intelligent individual, so much so that Cameron may have undervalued him.






Libra: You’re Daphne

Daphne is a Libra in every sense of the word, thanks to her sociability and friendliness. Despite Harper's general rejection of her overtures, she was determined to become friends with her. 

Scorpio: You’re Harper

Harper was the group member who, at first, had the hardest time opening up, which makes her a Scorpio. 

Sagittarius: You’re Mia

Mia may have looked to be only tagging along at first, but she ended up picking up some useful lessons from Lucia and forging her own way. Since she was a free spirit.

Capricorn: You’re Valentina

Even though she eventually failed, Valentina was the only figure that cared about the hotel's order and structure. Capricorns are known for their strict adherence to norms and customs. 

Aquarius: You’re Portia

If you're a fixed, air sign, you're the kind of person that like to do things their own way, regardless of whether or not anybody else is attempting to exert influence over you. 

Pisces: You’re Tanya

Tanya is a Pisces because she has a sensitive soul and a utopian outlook on life. Despite your cold demeanour, you have a strong intuition that makes you intelligent beyond your years. 


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