The Most Musical Songbirds in America

Which bird has the finest song? How can we pick when the world of birds has so many gorgeous songbirds? The victor is...the wood thrush


At dawn and twilight in the dark forest, this bird's sweet song, a swirling, reedy repeat of its name, touches the listener's amorous heart.

After carefully studying recordings, researchers found that the hermit thrush's fast, flowing melody resonates with human hearing because it follows some of our musical scales.


The little, tenacious house wren, one of our most favourite garden birds, emits a relentless cascade of notes from its throat.

A birdhouse with a 1-and-one-eighth-inch opening has a fair chance of attracting an entire family (including young wrens!).


The distinctive songs of these brilliantly coloured birds are characterised by their volume, clarity, and whistling.

Sparrows and Finches

All of our native sparrows (almost two dozen species) sing, and many are beautiful. The common, brown-streaked song sparrow starts singing in late January.

House finches are among the earliest birds to sing, commencing their intricate warbling just after the new year.

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