The Cinephiles Zodiac Sign

Action is the ideal kind of film for Aries. Enthusiastic and self-assured, Aries enjoys a narrative with plenty of suspense.

Aries: Action

Romance matches the zodiac sign of Taurus. Taureans are romantics without hope.

Taurus: Romance

Go for a psychological thriller if you want to put a Gemini into a spiral.

Gemini: Psychological Drama

Drama is an ideal film genre for Cancer due of its intense emotional content.

Cancer: Drama

Leos are self-assured, charming, and enjoy being the centre of attention, therefore they will enjoy a film with a relatable protagonist.

Leo: Rom-com

If you're a Virgo, you should watch movies that are in the horror category.

Virgo: Horror

There is no other subgenre of film that Libras like more than the chick flick.

Libra: Chick Flick

If you want to send a Scorpio into a tailspin, you should choose for a suspenseful story.

Scorpio: Thriller

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