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McCarthy says Americans should not protest if Trump is indicted

In contrast to Trump, who urged his fans on Saturday to "Protest, take our nation back," House Speaker Kevin McCarthy counselled restraint on Sunday

and stated that Americans shouldn't demonstrate if former President Donald Trump is charged and detained in a hush-money probe in New York.

"No, I don't believe people ought to resist this. During the House Republicans' conference in Orlando, McCarthy, a Republican from California, responded to a query from NBC News by saying, "And I think President Trump, if you talk to him, he doesn't believe it, either.

Nobody should hurt one another, he subsequently remarked. We need serenity outside. McCarthy, however, vehemently defended Trump during the same press conference,

calling New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg's inquiry politically motivated and claiming that Trump has no interest in taking action against the city's soaring crime rates.

McCarthy spoke in an outdoor patio at the JW Marriott Orlando, Grande Lakes, backed by members of his leadership team. "Lawyer after lawyer will tell you this is the weakest case out there, attempting to make a misdemeanour a crime," McCarthy said.

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McCarthy continued, "The last thing we want is for someone to put their finger on the scale [of justice] just because they disagree with someone else's political viewpoint.

The "far & away leading contender" for president, Trump, said on his social networking site Truth Social on Saturday that "illegal leaks" from Police to the media indicate that he would be detained on Tuesday.

The claims that Trump gave Stormy Daniels hush money during his successful 2016 presidential campaign have been the subject of an investigation by Bragg.

Many sources said last week that the New York police were preparing for a potential Trump indictment as early as this week.

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