Maryland man won a $50,000 Powerball

Using a set of fast select numbers from a ticket he purchased ten years prior, a Maryland man won a $50,000 Powerball win.

The Lutherville resident informed Maryland Lottery representatives that he purchased a Powerball ticket with the fast pick numbers 8-25-27-33-44 approximately 10 years ago.

"I bought the ticket one day, and throughout the past ten years, I've played those numbers every single time. I'm delighted that worked," he remarked.

The man's Feb. 27 drawing ticket, which he bought from the Margate BP location in Lutherville, won $50,000 in the Double Play drawing, which comes after the regular Powerball drawing.

The gamer said he has no regrets despite being only one number short of a $10 million prize.

"With $50,000, I'm overjoyed. Winning was incredible "he stated. The winner claimed that he and his wife have plans for their windfall already.

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