His Zodiac Sign's Marriage Advice


Challenge an Aries guy. He'll be impressed if you give a lot but keep back. Show him that you're as adventurous, driven, and sharp as he is and that you'll never dull him.


Tauruses like robust partners but not being ruled. Don't mistreat him. Don't lash out if he offends you. Wait until you're cool enough to analyze his actions.


Geminis need partners who are adventurous and unpredictable. Geminis love surprises. They like shocks, so if you keep them guessing, they'll stay around.



Let the Cancer guy know that he is enough. He worries about your emotions. He doesn't need to think about being rich, smart, or fascinating enough to make you happy.


Leos can be nervous despite their bravado, so learn what they are so you can avoid the issue and avoid harming them. Leos crave praise. If you love him, you won't lie about his greatness.


If you're a good observer, Virgos will love you. Don't take his jokes or critiques personally—he's trying to help you. Ask Virgos when you don't know something.


Libras prefer harmony to conflict. Know that sometimes ego must be traded for relationship harmony. Your Libra guy will love romantic efforts.


You must be erotic and ardent like Scorpios.Scorpios are ardent, so if you can show him that nothing is too much for you, he'll want to marry you soon.


Sagittariuses want partners who will go to Paris for the weekend or talk to people on trains. Sagittarius can imagine an eternity of magic with someone who shares their curiosity.


Capricorns want dependable wives. If you have all those traits, a sense of humor, and a robust sexual appetite, Capricorn will want to marry you immediately.


t's said that the gut leads to the heart. Aquariuses disagree. Mind-to-heart works best. Show him you're a deep thinker and unique individual who will challenge him.


Pisces will note your concern for all living things. They'll like you more if you're kind. Be his muse and admire his cards and poems. Pisces may marry you if you inspire and are moved by them.

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