Here's What Yuzu Really Tastes Like

You may have spotted yuzu on cocktail menus and in desserts; it is often used in alcoholic beverages and marmalades.

What is yuzu?

A registered dietitian at SmartEater says, "Yuzu, also known as citrus junos, is a hybrid citrus fruit that originated in China over a millennium ago."

What does yuzu taste like?

Ng describes it as a combination of lemon and mandarin orange, with hints of lime and grapefruit.

Why is yuzu expensive?

Importing fresh yuzu into the United States is prohibited in order to safeguard American agriculture.

What is yuzu used for?

Yuzu is used somewhat differently in Japan, China, and Korea, all of which are significant markets for the fruit.

What are the health benefits of yuzu?

1. It may support immune health.
. The peel, meat, seeds, and juice of the fruit all contain vitamin C, so regardless of whatever component you consume, you will benefit.

2. Can help maintain a healthy gut.

As with other fruits, yuzu's fibre aids with digestive health, according to Ng.

3. May promote strong bones.

It turns out that this flavonoid is also associated with bone health support.

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