Greatest American dishes

Apple pie

Apple actually is the country's favourite pie, according to a pie chart from the American Pie Council, which is then followed by pumpkin, chocolate, lemon meringue, and cherry.

Frito pie

Even the simplest chilli has hordes of devotees. Think about Kit Carson, who regretted not having time for one more bowl of cereal before he passed away.

Blueberry cobbler

Cobbler, which is also endearingly known as slump, grunt, and buckle, originated with early oven-less colonists who created the fruit dish with no crust on the bottom that could cook in a skillet or pot over a fire.


Could there be a more calorie-dense complement to a pitcher of margaritas—the bane of diets and the joy of happy hours?

Hot dogs

We owe this to Charles Feltman, a German immigrant who is frequently credited with creating the hot dog by using buns to avoid needing plates, and a comparable sausage from Frankfurt, Germany (thus, "frankfurter" and "frank").


How did sauerkraut become to be so seductive? Was the eponymous sandwich created in 1925 by grocery store clerk Reuben Kulakofsky as a result of a late-night inspiration to feed poker players at Omaha's Blackstone Hotel?


Traditional, gourmet, Kobe sliders at the lunch counter. Burger King, In-N-Out, McDonald's, Steak N' Shake, Five Guys, and The Heart Attack Grill are just a few examples of fast food restaurants. It's hard to imagine, yet a single error was the catalyst for everything.


Those who didn't consume them growing up are unsure of what they are. The majority of people in the South who did eat them growing up are perplexed as to how anyone could survive without them.

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