Each Zodiac Sign's Quirky Things


Paint-stained clothing, sharing, a hesitant touch, sexual inventiveness, compassion, trying new things, winning, dancing in the rain, standing in line, and going to the movies


Homemade delicacies, coffee, envy, not replying to texts, a nice bed on a chilly night, waking up early or staying up late to observe an eclipse, recognizing beauty in things like a spiderweb. 


Laughing, getting turned around and lost, support, children playing hide-and-seek, conversations that use a lot of song references, walking barefoot through the grass,



Crying during a movie, misty mornings, building a snow angel, studying a family tree, decorating with old stores, lovely perfume, long-lasting embraces, and having someone really get you


Laughing so hard you can't take a picture, flawless eyebrows, shooting stars, cosmetics, cute dresses in bright colors, writing love letters, getting blown about by the wind.


Having a clam bake on the beach, stacks of books on your bedside table, bonsai plants, stepping into a room and sensing something is wrong, timid grins, early morning swimming.


Finding something amazing at a thrift store, watching a movie marathon, the scent of chocolate, double rainbows, fresh garden produce, long hair, and purposely leaping into a puddle.


High-thread-count bedding, gorgeous sushi, unfinished talks, ghost stories, hubris, and wearing all black because you can.


Love at first sight, looking out the window of an airplane, making decisions without thinking, dating apps, late-night conversations, hair that hangs in your face.


Your favorite sweater, being riveted by someone across the room, solving a problem on your own, souvenirs, promotions at work, feeling boundless joy at puppies and kittens. 


Singing loudly in your car, taking deep breathes, Tumblr, drawing your own tattoos, clothes still warm from the dryer, losing oneself in a YouTube vortex, seeing pictures in clouds. 


Walking a bunch of dogs, finding inspiration in weird things, wanting to show others your art, antique automobiles, placing your toes in the beach, fish swimming in a stream. 

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