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Deadly fungal infection spreading at an alarming rate, CDC says

The current study discovered that C. auris has already been identified in more than half of US states.

According to a recent government research, a drug-resistant and potentially fatal fungus has been quickly spreading throughout American healthcare institutions.

Candida auris, often known as C. auris, is a kind of yeast that can cause serious sickness in those with compromised immune systems. Since C. auris was first discovered in the U.S.,

The increases, "particularly in the most recent years, are extremely worrying to us," said Dr. Meghan Lyman, the study's primary author and the branch's senior medical officer for mycotic diseases at the CDC.

"We've noticed growth not just in locations where the transmission is still happening, but also in new areas."

Although cases have been found at a number of other facilities in the state, there has been continuous transmission at two long-term care facilities.

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Regrettably, among those at greatest risk, such as those residing in long-term care homes, multi-drug resistance organisms like C. auris have increased in number.

From 2019 and 2020, the number of illnesses rose by 59% to 756, and then by an additional 95% to 1,471 in 2021.

The incidence of those colonised by the fungus but not infected with it grew by 209% in 2021 and by 211% in 2021, rising to 4,041 in 2021 from 1,310 in 2020, according to the researchers.

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