Chefs' Turkey Brining Tips

Brining the chicken in a simple saltwater solution modifies the meat's texture, allowing it to absorb more liquid. This step isn't necessary, but it can make any turkey amazing.

"Turkey breast and turkey leg quarters might as well be from different animals when it comes to cooking technique.

Separate the bird into parts


Jupiter says time is your best friend for seasoned meat to the bone. Jupiter suggests brining turkey for 24–48 hours.

Be patient

 Aromatic molecules do get lodged turkey tissue between cells, so the more intense the flavorings in your brine, the more those flavors will potentially be imparted to the meat."

Get creative with herbs and spices

Make plenty of brine solution

Handal recommends totally covering the bird with brine. To submerge a large chicken in brine, you may need to double the recipe. If your fridge won't fit a big pot, use a brining bag.

Salt's salt. Not quite. Handal advises using the brining recipe's specified salt.

Be mindful of the type of salt you use

Chef Thomas Boemer of Revival suggests dry brining if you're smoking your turkey or want a no-fuss option.

Try a dry brine

Herb-and-spiced butter is compound butter. According to Sudak, mix two sticks of unsalted melted butter, two teaspoons each of chopped rosemary, sage, and fresh thyme, and mix thoroughly.

Tuck compound butter under the skin

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