Gym Machines

Best Weight-Loss

It's usual to try anything that aids weight loss. Gym-goers have good reason. Weight loss requires exercise, and you'll have the greatest equipment.

This machine works your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and glutes as well as your cardiovascular system.

Stair Climber

Cable crossover machines are less daunting than free weights, have a wider range of motion, and engage stabilizer muscles better than selectorized machines.

Cable Crossover Machine

Brady recommends 900–1,000 meters every five minutes to burn calories. The stroke is tougher at higher resistance (usually 10).

Rowing Machine

Treadmills also boost fat burn, according to Brady. She suggests "high-intensity intervals or walking with the slope set high" for fast fat reduction.



Ellipticals are great fat burners. You'll train your lower and upper body and raise your heart rate.


Mitri believes exercise is best for weight loss maintenance. After reaching your ideal weight, consistent exercise is even more crucial.

Exercise Bike or Air Bike

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