Astrology Houses—what do they mean?

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First House 

Self is the zodiac's First House. It houses our ascendant, which affects self-image, initiation, and others' perceptions. Your initial impression.

Second House 

The Second House represents wealth. It's about luxury, prosperity, and material things. The Second House shows how we value abundance and scarcity and ourselves and others.

Third House

Third House is communication. It governs language, early education, technology, and transit. We focus on others in the Third House.


Fourth House

The Fourth House is home and lineage. At the bottom of the birth chart, it signifies family, heritage, customs, and our home, both past and future. 

Fifth House

The Fifth House rules pleasure, creativity, self-expression, romance, chance, and sharing delight. The house of pleasure and fertility is linked to children.

Sixth House

The Sixth House governs labor and habits. With Sun or Mars placements in the Sixth House, job & work life are crucial to identity. The Sixth House includes employment, fitness, volunteering

Seventh House

Partnership is the Seventh House. Some astrologers call this house the marriage box because it deals with one-on-one relationships—romantic, business, even combative.

Eighth House

Sex and metamorphosis rule the Eighth House. Birth, death, the occult, mental health, secrets, and inheritances dominate this house. The Eighth House represents transition.

Ninth House

Philosophical Ninth House. The Ninth House governs all trips, expansion, and personal growth. Archers and explorers live there.

10th House

Public image is the 10th House. The Midheaven (MC), the birth chart's highest point, is on the threshold of the Tenth House and signifies one's profession, social achievements.

11th House

The 11th House represents friends. It oversees community, networking, social justice, and collaboration. The Eleventh House's planetary influences show our relationship to our friends.

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