Americans Eat Takeout. Restaurants Bet That.

American fast food giants are betting that the surge in demand for takeout will continue long after the recent epidemic.

The largest restaurant chains in Rica gambled that customers would avoid eating meals prepared on their premises during the outbreak.

 It's now a bet on how much you'll want to keep doing it for a long time.

These mega-chains' plan is to focus on drive-thrus and online ordering while also experimenting with new restaurant formats that focus only on providing takeout.

Since restaurants with fewer guests inside cost less to construct, operate, and staff, they argue that these designs will make businesses more lucrative and efficient.

The difficulty for these businesses is to adapt to these changes without reducing their level of hospitality.

 They run the danger that the surge in consumer behaviour caused by the epidemic may be short-lived.






Despite a decline from the highs attained in the first year of the epidemic, takeaway orders continue to be quite popular. 

According to the NPD Group, 85% of all orders made at fast food restaurants in the United States in 2022 were to go.

That's up from about 76% before to the pandemic but down from 2020's peak of 90%.

In 2022, takeout orders were 33% of all sales at full-service eateries, roughly twice the rate seen before the epidemic.

Caf├ęs and other eateries that cater to the informal dining crowd said they expect to reduce their seating capacity in the future.


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