7 Summer Foods Ruining Weight Loss

Summer brings beach visits, pool time, and barbecues and picnics with delicious cuisine.

Corn on the cob may not harm your figure. Corn is a vegetable, therefore it shouldn't upset your diet. Unfortunately, buttering and topping corn may ruin a diet.

Corn on the cob

Summer grilling season means everyone wants to show off their burger skills. Burger add-ons can make this food even fatter.

Grilled Burgers

Smoothie Bowls

Summer fruit is abundant, so smoothie bowls may be tempting. These summertime snacks are tasty but harmful.


Any cold treat tastes good in high temps. If you enjoy ice cream and want to lose weight, don't overdo it in summer.

Ice Cream

Lean red meat may be part of a healthy diet, but large amounts can increase saturated fat, and some proteins are worse than others.


"Deli foods are a summer staple," explains Hayley Miller, MS, RDN, LDN at Persona Nutrition. 

Potato Salad

Mayonnaise-based sides like egg salad are high in fat and calories.

Egg Salad

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