That Are Healthy

10 "Bad" Habits 

Procrastination is putting off work for no reason. Procrastination may harm sluggish, uninspired people.


When dreams take over and you spend less time with others, your social skills may decline, making it difficult to build and maintain relationships.


They say sleepers are lethargic and squander time. Motivational speakers and life coaches promote "sleep less and accomplish more." How working late pays off.


Many individuals struggle to say "no" to friends, family, and coworkers. Instead of saying no, they may feel guilty.

Saying NO


Our society values production and efficiency. We're urged to work harder and achieve more. This stress and overload might harm your mental health.

Doing Less

Anger can strike unexpectedly. Anger isn't always terrible, but it's hard to control.

Getting Angry

Though innocent, gossiping has major effects. Excessive gossip may damage reputations and relationships.


Coffee is a terrific pick-me-up, but drinking too much can produce jitters, anxiety, and restlessness. It disrupts sleep and concentration.

Drinking Coffee

You've given up certain foods for health or cost reasons, but sometimes those cravings won't go away and giving in feels horrible.

Giving in to Your Cravings

Many people fidget. It's unpleasant yet sometimes useful. Fidgeting reduces stress, improves attention, and expresses oneself. It may burn 350 calories daily, according to research.


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