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The Top 3 Aebleskiver Pans

    The Top 3 Aebleskiver Pans (1)

    The first thought that comes to mind when creating Aebleskiver is which pan to use. There are several manufacturers on the market who produce Aebleskiver Pan with various features. The trick is deciding which is the best. So, everything is dependent on your preferences. It is not always conceivable that the greatest cookware is also the best for you. It all depends on your preferences and demands, as well as whether you are a professional chef running a restaurant or a novice attempting to make pancakes for your family. A chef, for example, will choose a long-lasting product such as cast iron because he is already skilled at cooking. A newbie, on the other hand, will strive to choose a product that will make his cooking easier, such as nonstick.

    After experimenting with several pans to prepare these delectable cakes, we discovered that some pans are ideal for Aebleskiver.

    So, this post provides you with a brief overview of the top Aebleskiver pans on the market.

    List Of Best Aebleskiver Pan

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    BrandNordic Ware
    Dimensions9.75 x 9.75 x 3 inches

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    Norpro Aebleskiver Pan 

    Price: $29.99


    MaterialCast Iron
    Weight4 Pounds

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    The product is composed of cast iron with a nonstick coating. As a result, it is suitable for both novices and experts because it combines durability and simplicity. The dimensions are 9 x 1.25 x 9 inches and the color is black. As it can generate seven pancakes at once, it may be difficult to use for large gatherings if you are a beginner and not particularly quick at producing pancakes. Professionals, on the other hand, can use it optimally and quickly.

    The pan’s ergonomic handle is 7-1/2 inches long and stays cool during cooking, making it easy to use.

    So, make the classic Danish dish Aebleskiver pan, stuffed pancakes, at home using a Norpro Nonstick pan, and serve these sweet or savory treats whenever you choose!


    • Cast-aluminum construction heats quickly; nonstick surface.
    • The ergonomic 7-1/2-inch-long handle stays cool to the touch.
    •  Meаsures: 16.5″ x 9″ x 1.25″ / 42сm x 23сm x 3сm  


    • There’s a recipe book included for free
    • Construction and design of the highest standard
    • A heavy-duty plastic handle provides an ergonomic grip
    • Nonstick surface, which does cleaning and using this pan simple


    • The molds in these pans are relatively shallow compared to others.

    Nordic Ware Aebleskiver Pan/Ebleskiver Pan

    MaterialStainless Steel
    Weight4.73 Pounds

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    The products of Nordic ware are created by a team of skilled artisans in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who all share the vision of creating the finest kitchenware products in the business. This Aebleskiver pan is made of heavy, warp-resistant aluminum casting that promotes even heating and produces flawless cakes. The Aebleskiver pan has a 9-1/2-inch diameter and can simultaneously produce seven traditional Danish pancakes measuring 2-1/4 inches in diameter. The product is created in the United States with a Chinese handle. However, it is not dishwasher-safe; hand-washing with mild detergent is recommended.

    Use any pancake or waffle recipe, or combine them, to create these wonderful circular pancakes with fillings!


    • PFOA Free nonstick coating.
    • Phenolic handle
    • It is made of cast aluminum.
    •  9-1/2 inches diameter
    • can make seven cakes at one time
    • It is made in the USA with a handle from China. 


    • A high degree of durability
    • Effortless cleaning and cooking with nonstick coating
    • It’s easy to clean
    • Heat is distributed evenly and uniformly
    • An all-purpose pan you can use to prepare many different foods


    • The handle angle seems excessive to some chefs
    ColorBlack, Silver
    BrandCucina Pro
    Weight3.84 Pounds
    ManufacturerCucina Pro

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    Solid iron cookware, such as the Upstreet Aebleskiver pan, is prized for its ability to retain heat. In the aebleskiver cast-iron pan, aebleskivers are cooked to perfection. Its distinctive heat-resistant silicone handle helps you to maneuver the Ebleskiver pan with ease. The Ebleskiver pan is made of solid iron for even heating, allowing the pancake balls to turn a “stunning Aebleskiver brown.” As with any skillet or frying pan, you should avoid direct skin contact with hot cast iron. The best feature of this pan is that it is compatible with all cooking surfaces. Moreover, it is scratch-resistant and simple to clean. You may choose it confidently since if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return the ran set within 30 days for a full refund.

    Enjoy delicious pancakes in their traditional round shape with the Uptown Cast Iron Aebleskiver Pan.


    • Made of Cast- Iron
    • It can be used on all types of surfaces such as stove tops, electric glass tops, or ceramic or induction.
    • Handles are made up of silicon which is heat resistant. 
    • It gives even heat to your Aebleskiver pan cakes and makes them tasty and fluffy. 


    • This blue silicone handle is fun and functional, and it’s meant to keep you cool
    • Made of cast iron, so can be used for all types of cooking surfaces
    • Durable and scratch-resistant
    • Upstreet offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with the Cast Iron Aebleskiver  Pan for Danish Stuffed Pancake Balls 
    • In addition to Aebleskiver sticks, it comes with a small recipe book


    •  This option is slightly heavier at about 4 pounds.
    • Because the surface is made from cast iron, hand-washing is recommended.

    Other Things You can Prepare Using Aebleskiver pan

    • Mini Dutch Baby Pancakes 
    • Paddu- an Indian dish somewhat similar to Aebleskivers.
    • Neyyappam- an Indonesian food made up of rice flour and coconut.
    •  Serabi or Khanom Khrok- made with some combination of rice flour and coconut milk or shredded coconut.
    • Kue Cubit- also called Indonesian pinch cake. 
    • Poffertjes- dutch recipe bit different from Aebleskivers.
    • Takoyaki- a Japanese version of a round puffed snack

    What is Aebleskiver?

    Aebleskiver or Ebleskiver are a variety of Danish pancake puffs that are prepared in a special pan with half-spherical molds.

    Aebleskiver translates to “apple slices” in Danish. The call indicates that apples were included in the original recipe. However, newer varieties of the Danish delicacy no longer contain apples.

    During the time of the Vikings, when they roamed the coastal waters of Britain and the Atlantic, according to legend, a lot of those Vikings were brutally killed in battle. As they returned to their ship, they used their severely dented horn helmets and shields to make pancakes. As they lacked adequate cooking equipment, they oiled their shields with oil and poured batter over them over a fire. There are a number of reasons why this story may not be accurate, including the fact that Viking shields were partially constructed of wood.

    When and in Which are Aebleskiver Served?

    Aebleskiver are typically not offered in restaurants or for breakfast, but rather during coffee breaks at the family table. Aebleskivers are prevalent in Denmark at Christmas and the days leading up to it. During this season, they are typically served with glgg, a traditional Scandinavian mulled wine.

    How to make Aebleskiver?


    •  Three eggs
    •  Three tablespoons sugar
    •  One teaspoon salt
    •  Two cups buttermilk
    • Two clubs flower
    •  One teaspoon baking powder
    • One teaspoon baking soda to skewer sticks corn oil or any oil you prefer
    • About half a cup of powdered sugar


    • Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites using a serrated knife. Set aside the egg yolks and beat the egg whites with a mixer until medium to firm peaks form. You must ensure that the mixing bowl is dry and contains no water, or the egg whites will not reach the proper texture. It would be ideal if you had them set the egg whites and allowed the egg yolks to rest for a few seconds.
    • Once they are completely smooth, add three tablespoons of sugar and two cups of buttermilk and mix at a low speed until thoroughly combined.
    • Flour, baking powder, and baking soda will now be sifted into the egg yolk mixture. You will need to incorporate the flour by hand because you don’t want to beat it until there are no lumps left. It only takes a little practice, but I have faith that you will achieve a smooth sonsistensy.
    • At this point, you will add the egg whites, not all at once, but in three separate additions, being careful not to deflate them.
    • Add approximately one tablespoon of oil to each well and preheat the Aebleskiver Pan at a temperature just below medium. While the oil is being preheated.
    • Prepare your workplace. The tray in which you will place the epis keepers must be lined with many layers of paper towel to absorb the oil.
    • A simple technique to determine if your oil is hot enough is to sprinkle a small amount of water upon it; if you hear bubbles, the oil is ready. Due to the possibility of oil splatter, you must proceed with extreme caution.
    • Add approximately two tablespoons of batter to each depression.
    • When the Aebleskiver’s edges begin to turn golden brown, you know it’s time to flip them.
    • While pulling down on one end of the Aebleskiver with one skewer stick, elevate the opposite end with the other.
    • Once the second half of the Aebleskiver have turned golden brown, puncture them with a skewer and remove them from the pan.
    • You will not need to replenish the oil in your pan after each round. However, you will see that some of the indents will require refilling sooner than others. Ensure that you give it a moment to reheat after adding more oil.
      This recipe generates slightly less than 50 apple cubes.
    • When dusted with powdered sugar, these miniature marvels are ready for consumption. They go well with tea, and look at that tender texture. They will dissolve in the mouth.